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Special sports spectacles can give vital protection to your eyes. For example, in squash, British and European Standards specify polycarbonate lenses only as being permitted for use for eye protection.

Vision can be enhanced by the wearing of special sports spectacles. For example, having your sight corrected in spectacles that don't slip or steam up, the orange/red filters used by shooters of red clay pigeons and polarising filters for anglers.

There are many different types of sports eyewear which can be for general purpose or they can be individually selected for you from the following categories:-

 Diving masks
 Skiing goggles
 Racquet eyewear
 Swimming goggles
 Snooker spectacles
 Shooting spectacles
 Cycling wrap-around
 Cricket wrap-around

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Polycarbonate has been the best lens for sports eyewear for some time. It is thinner and lighter than the previous glass or ordinary plastic lenses previously available and 10 times stronger than ordinary plastic lenses. Polycarbonate is used in space helmets, police shields and bullet-proof windows.

Now there is Trivex, manufactured by PPG Industries. Trivex is a plastic lens as unbreakable as polycarbonate, tintable to be quite dark (15% LTF) and 100% UV absorbing but it is slightly thicker (because the refractive index of Trivex is 1.53 compared to the 1.59 of polycarbonate), though it is lighter (because the specific gravity of Trivex is 1.11 gm compared to the 1.20 gm of polycarbonate), more scratch resistant and the optics are better (because the Abbé value of Trivex is 43 compared to the 30 of polycarbonate). That means you see more clearly with the Trivex lens.

Trivex is said to be resistant to chemicals such as acetone and ammonia and is currently undergoing tests for kitemarking for British Standards.

The Alpina Swing ES is available for £89.00 plus £109.00 for plastic lenses or £129.00 for safety lenses to your prescription. This redefined ski frame is the coolest thing to be seen in, either on the piste or off. Whether skiing or snow boarding your eyes are perfectly protected and properly corrected. The Alpina Swing ES sits very snugly on the face having adjustable sides and comes with its own case.

Play better snooker with these special snooker specs. They provide clearer, unrestricted vision for the game because of their specially angled joints, large eyesizes and lightweight resin prescription lenses. Two different models are kept in stock. A rimless style is available now for just £89.00 plus £140.00 for special suitable uncrackable (polycarbonate or trivex) lenses to your prescription. We do need to measure and fit these specialised spectacles.

Swimming goggles are available without a prescription, to an approximate prescription (the Aquasee £24.95 now in blue only) or Modular (£44.95) and specifically to your prescription with safety polycarbonate lenses in the Stingray (£118.00).

The Vidi diving mask can be fitted with your individual prescription and costs £189.00 including safety polycarbonate lenses (plus special delivery post and packing). Alternatively, toughened glass lenses can be bonded to the front visor at a cost of £219.00 (plus p&p). For prescriptions outside standard range add £20.00. Delivery time for polycarbonate is 5-7 working days, for glass 10-15 working days. The Vidi is available in blue/crystal or lime/crystal.

For those who want the neatest option, choose the Exel diving mask, available in blue or yellow with individual tempered toughened glass lenses, its own special box, a delivery time of 10-15 working days and costs £199.00 plus special delivery post and packing. For prescriptions outside standard range add £20.00.

The "Rec Spec" is a classic model with soft silicone bridge and side fittings. It is in a crystal clear colour and available in one size for adults but a junior version is also available in two sizes. The cost is £69.00 plus £129.00 for polycarbonate protective lenses.

The "Demon" has a larger bridge for greater comfort and a wrap type of shape to give better peripheral vision. It is available in a range of colours and sizes and costs as per the Rec Spec.

The ideal sports eyewear for football is the Zoom (£79.00) and is supplied with unbreakable polycarbonate lenses (£139.00) for average prescriptions. The Zoom has a special silicone pad which completely covers the rims to provide protection as well as comfort.

For those who do not need spectacles or do not need to have sports eyewear to prescription the Boston sports eyewear is for you. It comes ready fitted with hard to break polycarbonate clear lenses and costs £69.00 including postage and packing.

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