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Opened in October 1978

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Opened in October 1978

Welcome and many CONGRATULATIONS
for keeping an EYE on the WEB SITE FOR EYESIGHT
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on 3rd October 1978
by David Brower and Jennifer Brower
Independent Optometrist and Dispensing Optician
who have built up an admirable reputation for excellence
at the Practice located in the lovely village of Croxley Green
on the A412 near Junction 18 of the M25 - and on the internet

The Vision to Enhance
Your eyesight to the maximum possible
Your awareness of the importance of your eyes and
Your ability to focus on a superb range of optical services

The ProVision of Good Vision
To attain the highest professional standards
To provide top quality and value in eyecare and eyewear
To give a Personal Individual Service which is second to none

You are invited to email any question about your eyes or related topics
and a reply will be sent back to you as soon as possible
There is no charge for this service

The Dispensing Optician of the Year

 Jennifer is shown holding the prestigious "Dispensing Optician of the Year 2013" award she won in a poll organised by the Association of Optometrists by receiving thousands of internet votes.

AOP Winner

Jennifer is the Optician Magazine's first ever winner of the much coveted "Outstanding Dispensing Optician of the Year" award and is the winner of the Association of Optometrists "Dispensing Optician of the Year 2013"—the only person to have won both awards.

Winner in 2005

Jennifer has appeared in a film with English TV journalist Daisy McAndrew, explaining how partially sighted people can improve their ability to cope with daily living tasks by the use of low vision aids. Click on the link below to view the film completely free.

Jennifer meets Daisy McAndrew


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